At present the table grapes cultivation is certainly varied since it can avail of the protection of plastic materials and nets. The use of these kinds of protection hasn’t favoured a higher latitude more suitable to the cultivation but has improved the quality of the production in its own organoleptic contents (application of nets) and it has delayed the moment of the grape-harvesting (application of plastic material).
Such availability, together with the freezer preservation after the harvesting, lets the dealer to have a wider period of sale of the product. The most used systems of plant breeding in the Mediterranean basin are the “Tendone”, in its classical or modified type “Puglia”, and the “Pergoletta” carried out in accordance with varying systems 2,3x2,3 to 3,0x3,0. Such systems are planned both for plastic and net covering.
There are different methods and times for covering both in the plant breeding period and in the production period. They depend on the availability of the different conditions of production, the dealer’s needs and, above all, the varieties used. Therefore methods and times must be chosen and applied according to the purposes chosen by the single vine-grower.

Forcing Techniques

Protected Cultivation


Choice type of plants

Choice of variety

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