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The foundation and specialization of VINEA ltd in viticultural nursery:
Dr. Giuseppe Occhiogrosso’s merit:


Dr. Occhiogrosso was born in Bitetto (Bari) on 5th March 1959. After he took his degree in Agronomy on 20th November 1983 with full marks, he passed in the same year the qualifying examination to practise the agronomist profession. After devoting his dynamic life to study, examine closely, improve agriculture, he died on 4th September 2000 because of a road accident in Ben Guerir (Morocco) during one of his various work journeys abroad where his precious consultation was demanded.

During his short but intense life he acquired a particular specialization in viticultural nursery. He was commercial technical inspector in Southern Italy on behalf of a prestigious leader company of Italian nursery sector until 1989.
In the same year, after leaving his prestigious job of inspector, he dedicated all himself to VINEA ltd and he realized a big viticultural project of international importance. He became both the VINEA point of reference shareholder and the sole administrator. In a short time the society was a completely represented by him in every geographical area both in Italy and in foreign countries, where the firm was active. He was supported by a continuous and great desire for the search and innovation, he sustained the diffusion of new techniques of covering (double net) to table grapes awning and favoured kiwi cultivation in Apulia.

In the scientific field he organized several meetings on viticulture and he took part as a reporter during a lot of national meetings on viticulture (Rauscedo (PN), Trani (BA), Otranto (LE), Catania) and international viticulture meetings (Lisbon-Portugal, Santiago-Chile, Casablanca-Morocco, Tunis-Tunisia, Los Angeles-USA, Amman-Jordan, Istanbul-Turkey, and Maracaibo-Venezuela). In 1997 he was rapporter during the World Symposium of Viticulture in Cape Town (South Africa). He wrote several articles on national and international magazines (Turkey).
In 2001 the “A Viticulture de Uva de Mesa” proceedings of the meeting (June 1999-Beja-Portugal) have been dedicated to him. Dr. Giuseppe Occhiogrosso attended the meeting with several reports. Here followings the paper cover of the book and its dedication to Mr. Occhiogrosso.

He carried out a research activity in the polytechnic school of Beja (Portugal) and here he selected and diffused new viticultural varieties; as a sole VINEA administrator, he directed genetic projects in order to individualize and improve new table grapes varieties. As a researcher (in team work with the Viticultural Experimental Institute of Turi (BA) and Vitroplant ltd of Cesena) he gave a great impulse to the multiplication of plants produced in laboratory and favouring the realization of plant installation in southern Italy with VITROPLANT ltd, Cesena. VINEA ltd thanks to Mr. Giuseppe Occhiogrosso and his collaborators experience and competence, extended as concerns its techniques and trade becoming a landmark society in the agricultural field both in Italy and abroad.

Thanks to the founder’s commercial intuition, VINEA ltd is actually one of the greatest expressions of viticultural societies (it’s making exclusive trade agreements with Zanzi Fruitgrowing in Ferrara for the multiplication and sale of patented seedless and half-seedless plants like Red Globe).

Another activity of VINEA ltd is the advice and installation planning of big viticultural and fruits plants “turnkey” both national and international. VINEA ltd thanks to the skills of its sole administrator Dr. Giuseppe Occhiogrosso has planned and carried out nurseries, viticultural and fruit systems in Turkey, Morocco, Spain, Jordan, Tunisia, California, Argentina, Chile, Philippines. Moreover he planned at the designing and carried out irrigation systems in Philippines. At present VINEA ltd continues to carry out completely his founder’s project, which is a big nursery having the exclusive trading licence in the world of seedless grapes; it is also a consulting and planning society in agriculture.

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