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La VINEA srl Vinea ltd is a society created by Occhiogrosso family in 1986 in Bari, Apulia, an Italian region that is considered, at world level, one of the really most important viticultural areas for table and wine grapes. Since its foundation, Vinea ltd, has had two fundamental aims for the creation of the best vineyard: the practice of nursing activity for the rootstocks and grafted vines production, and the advice with the “turnkey” planning of viticultural and fruit-bearing systems which the society executes by its own means and experts, both in Italy and in foreign countries or joint too with other companies.

In the last few years, Vinea ltd has been improving the quality of its final product as well as all the production processes both from a sanitary and from an agronomic point of view cooperating with the University, the Institute of Agriculture Nematode, the Institute of Plant Pathologies, the Experimental Institute of vine-growing, the Office of Nursery Control. The research of new table grape varieties has induced Vinea to select its rootstocks carefully and to carry out an important activity in the clone – combination field. Moreover Vinea ltd planned its activity in the eating-grapes’ sector to guarantee the vine-growers every plants among the most important varieties, with or without seeds, patented or protected by trade-mark present on the market; Vinea ltd is the sole licensee for some of them.

Particularly Vinea is the sole agent in Italy and in the Mediterranean of some important varieties like Red Globe and every other seedless varieties like Afrodita, Centennial Seedless, Corrin Seedless and Down Seedless on the basis of a contract stipulated with Zanzi Fruitgrowing Equipment of Ferrara for the multiplication and sale of these vine plants. In addition to the above patented varieties, Vinea ltd produces all the most important traditional varieties such as: Victoria, Italia, Michele Palieri, Regina, Sultanina, Baresana, Martilde, Cardinal, etc.
And important wine vine varieties such as: Primitivo, Marlot, Lambrusco, Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Negroamaro, Uva di Troia, Aglianico, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Moscato, Malvasia, Trebbiano Toscano, Bombino, Verdesca, Fiano, Falangina. Vinea ha salso a wide range of rootstocks such as: 1103 P., 140 Ru., 157/11, 34 EM, 779 P., 775 P., 225 Ru, SO4, K5BB, 161.49. VINEA ltd is undertaking, both directly into the production of new varieties, and indirectly collaborating with lots of national and international institutes that are working on genetic programs. In this sector VINEA ltd made professional relations with Vitroplant of Cesena with which, for about ten years, it has been studying and selecting 400 new table grape varieties.

All VINEA nursery material is produced in two separate areas where the society is present with as many operating centres:

the typical area of production of vines where the society produces the most part of rootstocks and grafted vines.

this is the legal seat where it is developed both the administrative activity and the fundamental selection activity of mother vines is carried out to guarantee the vine growers a good, certificated product. Vinea ltd has also a capacious cold room which allows customers to keep their vines until the right planting period. In this seat it is also carried out a research activity of new varieties, the selection and the packing of vines before the forwarding.

VINEA ltd exploited its own nursery production, trading the vines in Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Jordan, Spain, Brazil, and Greece. Since its foundation Vinea ltd has succeeded in selling its product in the foreign market and becoming, at the meantime, a great society of consulting.

Vinea s.r.l. - Sede legale: via Sciarra Raffaele, 5 - 70020 Bitetto (Bari) - Italy -Tel. 080.9921983 Fax 080.9924858
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